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No boundaries! Enterprises’ Social Responsibility

In recent days, the sales team of MOLILOCK shared their trip in visiting the Southeast Asian market. They went to the local eye hospital and disabled hospital in Vietnam to do charity with those who in need of health help. It makes us to think once more, as a smart technology company, what is MOLILOCK’s mission?


Jack Ma’s phrase “Let the world have no hard business to do” is like a slap in the face. Bill Gates also said that Microsoft would enable every home and office to have one computer on their desk. Obviously, great companies have great visions and strong sense of social responsibility in mind which is what we call the humanistic spirit. 

For thousands of years, door locks have emerged and evolved in response to the demand for home security. It plays an important role in protecting people’s home safety and maintaining social stability.


Over the past 21 years, MOLILOCK has developed and produced related smart door lock products in improving people’s home safety issues. It aims to provide users with a new home lifestyle that provides consumers with safer and more convenient intelligence way. It makes people to live with peace of mind whiling traveling. This is the mission of MOLILOCK, and it is also the inheritance and development of MOLILOCK’s “people-oriented” spiritual core of the door lock, which reflects its own value and social value.


However, the company’s output of products that are valuable to society certainly reflects its social value, while the enterprise itself obtains economic benefits. After all, this is a commercial act. Simple business behavior always makes people feel lack of warmth. Companies that only export excellent products are also difficult to achieve greatness. Companies with great potentials often take the initiative to take on more social responsibilities and release more humanistic care.


Alibaba’s greatness has not only fulfilled the business of “Let the world have no hard business to do”, but also his “village teacher program”, ant forest… The greatness of Microsoft is not only to make every home and office have a computer, but also the naked donation charity of Totem Bill Gates.


The MOLILOCK foreign sales team, which should have talked about business, started charity abroad. The employees of MOLILOCK of actively donated in Jiuzhaigou Earthquake and actively walked into the campus to popularize the home security knowledge series activities… On the basis of services, MOLILOCK is actively taking on more social responsibilities and releasing humanistic care.


Since the beginning of this year, the products of the smart lock industry have been exposed by organizations such as Consumers Association and CCTV. The product problem has become a “ghost” floating in the smart lock industry. The problem exists because of lies behind the company’s disregard of the “human” spirit that lead to a lack of social responsibility and a sense of mission. If this is the case, the sustainable development of the smart lock industry is facing a crisis.


As a part of the smart lock industry, we hope that we all have a strong sense of mission and work together to promote the development of industry and society.

How to choose intelligent lock?Top 6 Smart Home Locks to Help You Make up Your Mind

Top 6 Smart Home Locks to Help You Make up Your Mind

Did it ever occur to you that when you went shopping with your friends and suddenly wondered whether you locked your door or not? Or sometimes you will forget to bring the keys with you, which causes a lot of troubles for you. All of these problems above can be easily solved by smart home locks.


With the improvement of technology, a digital door lock turns out to be increasingly famous in the market contrasting with a traditional mechanical lock, for the reason that the former, a more intelligent and convenient lock, can dramatically enhance the security, the management and the performance of identification.




When it comes to selecting a suitable smart home door lock for your families or your company property, it’s usually a little difficult for you to seize a high-quality digital door lock with good security, durability and relatively nice-looking appearance. For one thing, it’s hard to find out such a perfect smart home lock which can really meet all your needs. For another, there are so many poor-quality and inauthentic intelligent locks in the market that not only waste your money and time but also may lead to some dangers to your families or your properties. So if you are planning to select an excellent smart home lock, you’re on the right path. The following is the top 6 intelligent home locks to help you make up your mind.


SHS-P718  smart home lock of Samsung

Samsung has made an outstanding contribution to the popularization of smart home locks and has gained popularity around the world.


Many people would like to choose a smart home lock that uses passwords to unlock and lock their doors, while there are some problems with it. However, this SHS-P718 smart home lock of Samsung is equipped with a useful function called floating password, which can create two random codes on the touch screen before every time you enter your passwords. This can effectively prevent the real passwords from being left on the touch screen, and can also protect your passwords from being peeped by a stranger. However, the price of SHS-P718 smart home lock of Samsung may be too high.


A8 smart home lock of MOLILOCK

MOLILOCK is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers in China, which was established in 1998. During 20 years of development, MOLILOCK has built up a complete organizational structure including technique research, manufacture, marketing and after-sales service departments.


As for this A8 MOLILOCK, the identification speed of biometric fingerprint is less than 0.5s. It has an acute touch panel with a bilingual system and clear LED screen. Your door will be more convenient to unlock with the hidden fingerprint scanner and push-pull handle design, at the meanwhile, your door can be locked automatically. There are black and copper; these two colors you can choose according to your decoration design.



YDM4109 smart home lock of Yale

Yale is one of the oldest renowned lock brands in the world. It has partnered with iRevo, a Korean digital electronic company, to incorporate advanced automated digital technology into its original locks in 2008.


YDM4109 smart home lock of Yale can provide you with three methods to unlock and lock your door: passwords, fingerprints, and mechanical keys. What’s more, the battery of its lock is able to last for one year. One of its disadvantages is that the one-way lock mechanical structure is so simple that your door cannot be locked automatically after you close your door.


T1 smart home lock of ORVIBO

Founded in 2011, ORVIBO is a smart home lock brand from Shenzhen, China. It focuses on offering a smart home service for customers at home and abroad.


Its T1 Smart door lock embraces the philosophy of integral and straightforward and provides more than 200 sensors and an alarm system. Furthermore, it gives your families or your employees with multi-user accounts. But it would take you some efforts to pass the fingerprint identification because different press postures will significantly affect the success rate of identification.



U5 smart home lock and L661 smart home lock of MOLILOCK

These two digital home locks have an advanced and independent operating system, and the speed of identification of semiconductor biometric fingerprint is less than 0.5s. There are two colors of the indicator light representing different situations of your unlocking. Green tells that you have unlocked successfully and the red light shows that you have failed to open your door.


You can choose U5 smart home lock, supporting for 433 modules and 2.4G, if you want your fingerprint to be identified once you hold the handle. Besides, L661 smart home lock with a pleasing appearance in the post-modern style, will be recommended to you for its corrosion resistance with unique materials.


Based on the information above, you can make a conscious and informed purchase. If this is your first time to select a digital home lock, MOLILOCK this brand can be your choice.

Everything You Need to Know on the Simplicity and Security of a Fingerprint Door Lock

Using biometric access control systems is no longer limited to highly secure areas. Now we can find on the market a wide range of choice of a fingerprint door lock. The identification of people through physical characteristics has even become common. These technological progresses created new applications for this type of products, and that’s why our fingers nowadays have also become our keys. Indeed, unlike a key, a finger is always accessible. It is just impossible to lose, misplace, or to be robbed of a finger. And to open a door, nothing is simpler: just touch the cell of the fingerprint reader you’re your finger and the lock is unlocked! With the fingerprint reader integrated into the swing handle or the doorknob, the use is even more comfortable: the opening and closing of your door are done with a single gesture.


Advantages of having a door lock with a fingerprint reader

  • Simple and safe to use
  • Ergonomic and intuitive fingerprint reader
  • Harmonious and fashion design
  • OLED display
  • Quick identification speed


Safety is at the heart of our concerns: a fingerprint reader ensures maximum control of the entrances and exits of a building or in a single room. So, only people whose fingerprints have been registered in the system can have access to those places. The doubt about the existence of a copy of your keys is now a memory of the past!



Moli Lock presents its Smart Home lock

Moli Lock is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers. Established in 1998, this company has more than 20 years of experience. Their latest product, the Smart Home Lock, stands out in particular for its outstanding operational safety and its great simplicity of use. It is also popular for its compact design, advanced technology, and flexible handle design. The fingerprint identification is located at the handle and is turned on with a grip. This will allow you to insert your fingerprint correctly when you lock or unlock your door. Besides being able to use your fingerprint to open the door, the Smart Home Lock also offers multiple ways to do so. It is possible to use a card or a code as well.

In addition, the Smart Home Lock is provided with an emergency key to open or close the door at any time. This will give us all the available options to unlock our door.


Performance speed 

Being able to unlock your home door quickly is also a massive advantage. Each of us has his reasons to need to close a door very quickly: seeing their kids, tired of holding groceries bags, being late for the kickoff of a football match or merely having a tremendous need of going to the bathroom. No one is judging, we all have been there. We look for the key to open the door and asking ourselves “why this is taking all this time?”. Well, this is about to change with the Smart Home Lock semiconductor living biological fingerprint identification, where the speed of identification to unlock the door is less than half a second! In other words, we can say that it will instantly unlock your door.

Don’t worry about having your fingerprint stored in a database of some company, and being concerned that it will end up in a scary scenario. Take a deep breath and know that Moli Lock company has developed its intelligent operating system independently. They are not subcontracting this service, so all your information will be in a safe and secure place. Precisely like your home when you will install this fingerprint door lock.



Simple and secure use

The fingerprint reader is easy to use and intuitive. The fingerprints of the Smart Home Lock are recorded directly on the reader. Other settings, such as permissions management, can be saved using a small remote control. No less than 100 fingerprints can be pre-set in the system. The Smart Home Lock fingerprint reader guarantees maximum security. Unlike systems where a simple finger placement is sufficient, this reader identifies the fingerprint according to its movement. It keeps no trace of the fingerprint, thus preventing any illicit copy of it. The fingerprint reader is absolutely insensitive to environmental factors: it supports temperatures between -20 and +65 ° C. It is also waterproof (IP 65 class). Even when the system is no longer powered (as during a power outage), all of its data remains intact.

Molilock App Door Lock Received Positive Market Feedbacks in the Exhibit

Recently, a Chinese smart lock producer called Molilock attended the China Import and Export Fair which took place at Guangzhou on April 15th. During this five-day event, the company obtained popular receptions from both local and international attendants with its newly introduced S3 app door lock.

Molilock is the primary product line produced by Moli Smart Technology Co. The company is one of the leading smart home device manufacturers with 20 years of experience in China, and it was praised as the top 10 smart lock brand in China since 2017. Molilock is not only focusing on producing and selling, but also researching and developing better and safer smart lock solutions. Its innovative and professional products have attracted various famous Chinese firms in the real estates industry. They are currently taking the advantages of globalisation and Internet Plus to promote their quality lock globally as well as improve their products further.

During the China Import and Export Fair, Molilock revealed their app door lock S3, and this brand new product with unique features attracted attention from customers all over the world. Although the current international trade environment is not as stable as it used to be, Molilock takes the advantages of their leading products and overcomes difficulties from this impact. Various overseas companies from North America and South Africa have discussed sales details and placed their trial order during the exhibit. The S3 app smart lock will be fully released in May 2019.

There are three significant features offered by this S3 which makes it popular in the event:

1.It has four different kinds of unlocking methods. It includes an instant fingerprint unlocking device on the handle, a six-digit password setting, mechanical key, and mobile phone App Control.

2.The handle has a built-in biomechanical programming device that can accurately identify your fingerprint. Unlike the fingerprint sensor in a smart thing, which reads your information by using pressure or reflective light, it captures the essential bio information on your finger. This one-step unlock system is not only convenient but also extremely safe.

3.Molilock redesigned the lock, and the overall body looks much more straightforward and fashionable, which fits in the modern home design and customers’ using habits. Combining with its functionality, S3 app door lock can be fitted under various circumstances, including your home and the office.

With positive feedback received from the fair, Molilock determines to invest further into improving their smart home devices. Their next step is to provide the best and safest solution to the global market, particularly with imports and exports companies, franchised apartment owners and oversea real estate firms.

About Molilock
Established in 1998, Moli Smart Technology Co. Ltd is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers in China, and it is recognised as one of the top 10 Chinese brands for fingerprint door locks. It strives to research and develop smart locks, fingerprint door locks, hotel door locks and related supporting intelligent security products. Advocating the principle of “Let China creation influence the world.” for 20 years, Molilock has been dedicated to the field of smart locks and smart security. It also has been committing to provide consumers with high-quality smart door lock solutions and other home devices.

Media Contact

Company Name: Moli Smart Technology Co. Ltd
Telephone: 86-20-84763838 ext 823
Address: Hongmian Road, Caotang Villiage, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City

Top 4 Fingerprint Door Locks You May be Longing for

You must have been through an awkward situation that you lost the key and even don’t know where you have placed it.

Or you once bothered to walk to open the door for someone who is your friend or relative when it’s inconvenient to do so. If you once experience this situation, here is the good news for you because some types of fingerprint door locks are now striking the market.


We’ve done research about fingerprint door locks in the market. Some analyses are as followed.

  1. Molilock K501


Molilock, this time, released a brand new product K501, a fingerprint door lock with a super-fast speed of fingerprint recognition.

Here is a brief description:

  • It’s made of space aluminum with a freestyle handle which requires lifting up to lock and pressing down to unlock, making a classy outlook.

  • Equipped with a sophisticated semiconductor fingerprint sensor and a biometric fingerprint scanner imported from Sweden, it can make the response in less than 0.1 second

  • Its lock body is of high security for the reason that it’s anti-saw, pickproof and explosion-proof.

  • Has an intelligent and highly stable 4-core CPU; and the induction motherboard adopts PHILPS CPU chip.

  • Several opening modes: password, fingerprint, swiping card, using WiFi or the mechanical key.

  • Anti-peek. Users can enter a series of scramble and random number before or after the real password in case somebody standing beside would peek at it.

  • Cloud technology. It’s used to keep track of open records and remotely change the password.

  • In case of running out of charge, it has the backup battery interface so it still can be used for many times even it’s in low voltage.

2.Samsung Ezon SHS-P910

For most people, they are less likely to be disappointed at the products of Samsung. This renowned brand launched SHS-P910 as a digital keyless door lock.

It has a touch screen interface, on which people can unlock it by entering passwords, swiping credit cards, controlling remotely or using a key.

This lock adopts the state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition technology so fingerprints can be easily identified. And it can automatically lock when the door is closed.

Meanwhile, one of the appealing points is that it has a fire and emergency panic bar. Additionally, what makes it stand out is that it is equipped with a door management system which is delicate and can quickly scan and recognize the fingerprints.

Here is the brief introduction.

  • Creative design of easily pushing and pulling.

  • The color of champagne gold is available.

  • Has a bar that is used to open when there is an emergency like the fire.

  • The touch screen interface is smooth and sleek

  • High-quality verification for fingerprints

  • Multiple modes for unlocking the door

  • Modern design and secure door management system

  1. Epic EF-8000LR – Digital Door Lock

Epic EF-8000LR smart lock from Korea is a not bad choice. Its system is upgraded so that it can be anti-shock, anti-fire, and anti-hacking. And what may attract its potential customer is that it is able to be unlocked by controlling remotely. What’s more, the mechanical key can unlock it if the power runs out.

Its function of being fireproof is also good to know. Apart from preventing itself from being destroyed by fire or the internal heat, it would set the alarm and automatically open the door when the thermal sensor detects the abnormal rise of temperature.

  • Plenties of ways to unlock: passwords, mechanical keys, fingerprints and portable remote controls.

  • Anti-vibration system

  • Being fireproof

  • Prevention of hacking

  • Networking with home and can be distantly controlled

  • Firm and durable lock body

  • Rapid identification

  1. LineMak – Electronic Door Lock Review

Have you ever thought that the door would open after it “scans” your face? This kind of imagination has already come true. LineMak’s electronic door lock has this magical property. It can be independently installed and also installed on other devices.

It can memorize around 2000 fingerprints and 1500 faces. Asides from face recognition, being easy to install and operate is its spotlight as well. And its innovative infrared optical system enables it to work even in a dark environment.

  • The main mode to unlock: Innovative biometric fingerprint detection

  • Restore the information of up to 1500 faces and 2000 fingerprints

  • Sensitive optical induction

  • One-touch user recognition

  • Give the alarm when it’s in need

Now that getting so much information on the fingerprint door lock, why not get one for you and your family?

Common Sense of the Fingerprint Door Lock

It’s hard not to be amazed by the dramatical development of technology, for which the traditional mechanical door lock is getting threatened.


For one thing, today’s unlocking technology is more and more mature, which has put the traditional door lock and the home safety in peril. What’s more, the appearance of the smart home door lock is aiming to take its place.


In our developing society, the smart home door lock especially the fingerprint door lock is warmly welcomed by publicity. So what on earth can the fingerprint door lock bring to us? How to choose the one for the sake of security? What to do when encountering some problems using it?


This article is about to answer your questions about it.


  • What can the fingerprint door lock bring to us?


People’s fingerprints are unique. In theory, only two of the 15 billion people will coincide. The finger itself is part of the human body, so it is used as a “portable key”, which is great convenience for modern people.


  • How to choose a suitable one?

Nowadays, fingerprint door locks on the market are of different kinds, sometimes you may be dazzled when selecting one. Here are some factors you are expected to take into account.


  1. Core technology

Many manufacturers may overlook the essence of a fingerprint door lock. They may roll out a fingerprint door lock, of which the selling point is just the outlook or other minor functions rather than the core technology like the fingerprint technology.


Actually, a fingerprint door lock should demand the sophisticated technology of fingerprint recognition.


First of all, it should adopt the fingerprint repair technology. This means the lock can adjust and calculate itself according to your fingerprint pattern. When your fingerprint is entered, the system will cover the original fingerprint with the latest fingerprint.


For instance, even if you entered your fingerprint when you are little, the lock could still recognize your fingerprint after you grew up. Then you may want to ask “You know, mobile phones, tablets, and other electrical appliances all use touch technology. Fingerprints are left everywhere. What if someone copied my fingerprint to open my door?”


That’s why I have to mention the bioelectrical induction technology, which means the lock can identify users’fingerprints by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits. Take Molilock as an example, its 116E98-C fingerprint door lock is equipped with a bio-semiconductor fingerprint scanner, which would reject the copied fingerprint. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that others would unlock it by stealing your fingerprint.


  1. Smart functions

We all know that the general lock body needs to be locked with a key or by hands, while a good fingerprint door lock can close and lock without any other operation, which is able to prevent people from forgetting to lock the door.


In addition, adopting more advanced technology than the traditional one, most of the fingerprint door locks in the market can send the alarming information to the owner once someone is breaking it. This is one of the functions of 116E98-C.


Aside from that, it’ll be cool with the anti-peek function. Through this way, you would no longer be embarrassed when you need to open a safe or door. You can enter many digits at will, and it would be ok as long as 6 continual digit password in the beginning, the middle, or the end is correct.


  1. Appearance

If you are bothered to choose the size, you are recommended to get relatively small one. In this way, it won’t take up much space of your door. And this is the designing concept of 116E98-C, which is cost-effective for being intelligent as well as delicate.

MOLILOCK Fingerprint Door Lock 116E98


  • What to do when encountering some problems using it?


Now,I’ll talk about the problems you should be concerned about when you are using the fingerprint door lock.


The first is fingerprint recognition. If the recognition is not high and the fingerprint of the same finger requires to be recorded several times when it is input. It also shows that the lock error probability is low; in other words, it is trustworthy. If this is not the case, consider whether it is a fingerprint conductor’s problem. Generally, it is easy to use when it is installed. After a while the recognition begins to decrease and you have to reconsider entering new fingerprints.


Besides, people would probably ask”What if it gets wrong when identifying the fingerprint”. Since most of the fingerprint door locks provide more than one way to unlock, there are still ways like inputting the password, swiping the card or using a mechanical key. Literally, you don’t have to worry about being not capable of unlocking the door.


Here comes to the problem of running out of electricity. In general, a good fingerprint lock can be used for more than half a year after the battery is installed. If there is no power, it will alarm in advance.


Even if the power is about to be off, it can be used for three to five weeks, allowing you plenty of time to change batteries.


If there is no electricity, some will have an emergency power supply. Or you can buy a 9v power supply, and you can get it done without distinguishing the negative and positive of batteries.


Last but not least, after-sales service is what you should place much importance. You are supposed to see if there are after-sales service outlets, specialty stores, companies or other places that can provide relevant service nearby. This is crucial for you to solve problems.


Want to learn more about the fingerprint door lock? Visit to figure it out.

MOLI Smart Lock Wish You A Merry Christmas

You remember the Christmas day
Because Santa did not put your building blocks
Stuffed into the striped socks
You remember every day you receive a gift
Even worried about Santa Claus
“There is no chimney in our house.
How did the fat grandfather send the gift to my pillow? ”

To this end, you even wrote a letter to Santa Claus.
The beginning is like this: “Santa, you are old.
Like my grandparents
But they are already retired, how do you still have to work?
I really hope that your boss will think a little more for you.
Don’t climb the chimney again, you are very fat
Next time I bring a gift, you will secretly open the door and come in.
My home door is a fingerprint password lock.
Tell you quietly, the password is ******

Moli smart lock
Support temporary password
One-time use
Safety intimate
In addition to the temporary password function, Mo Li smart lock supports a variety of unlocking methods such as fingerprint/password/swipe/APP, and opens a wonderful life.

Using intelligent operating system, OLED display screen, simple design, will be used by the elderly and children.

South Korea ADS floating password technology, with virtual password anti-peep function, anti-theft anti-smashing body, safe and convenient.

Why Smart Home Door Lock is Getting More and More Popular

Higher Security Makes it Stand Out

At which moment you would make up your mind to buy a smart home door lock?


Maybe when you suddenly found that the key was left in the company while you’re already at your door. Two-hour commuting time may make you overwhelmed.


Or even when the key is lost and you have to hire an unlock worker to install a new one, which may cost you a lot.


“There was one time that I dumped the trash at my door. The door was unexpectedly closed by the wind. Then I had to stay outsides my house with the upper body naked. With no cell phone or money. I just kept dazing for 2 hours after my family came back.”said Kenny, a citizen of Guangzhou.


Some of you may once come across these kinds of awkward moments. You may be helpless because smart home door lock like the fingerprint door lock is not so common at that time. Nowadays, people get to know smart home locks have many advantages. They are as followed.


l       High security

Some people are likely to worry that the password may be stolen. But now you may be amazed by the fact that the newest smart home door lock has the virtual digit password function, which means the real password is hidden in the digits you enter so that people won’t easily peek at it.


Molilock’s L661 could speak for that. When using L661, users can enter a series of scramble and random number before or after the real one. In this case, people are able to keep the password secret even when others are standing by the side.



Additionally, the lock body of the smart home door lock is the critical part to ensure the security. That part of the intelligent lock in the market is of exquisite design. L661’s lock body is anti-saw and pickproof, which largely enhance the safety.



l       Super convenience

Different from the general mechanical lock, people don’t have to take out the key. They just need to input the fingerprint on the semiconductor fingerprint sensor. Then it would take less than 0.1s to identify. No more time to wait outsides the door!


Aside from that, some certain types of smart home door lock provides more than one way to unlock. For instance, to unlock L661, you can enter the password, use the fingerprint or swipe the card. If you want to remotely control the lock, you are able to use your cell phone.


One more appealing characteristic is the voice system to give hints. L661 is born with an intelligent voice system, in order to give instruction to children and olds. That’s quite user-friendly.


l       Interaction with human

It seems that smart home door lock can communicate with people. The information about the open records can be conveyed to the master. Besides, under some circumstances, with the internet cloud technology adopted, the master can change the password whenever he needs through the cell phone.


With so many advantages mentioned above, smart door locks are undoubtedly welcomed by more and more people. Apart from the fingerprint door lock, there are also face recognition lock, iris recognition smart lock and vein recognition smart lock, etc.  constantly emerging in the market. Consequently, you can see intelligent door locks are occupying a prominent position in the market. To learn more about these locks, feel free to visit

MOLI Intelligent Lock 124th Canton Fair Hot Spot

1.Unaffected by the trade war, continue to exert strength

Starting from 9:00 this morning, the 124th Canton Fair opened, and a large number of merchants gathered from all directions to the Pazhou Complex. The scene was very lively. According to the latest data from the General Administration of Customs, the total value of China’s import and export of goods in the first three quarters of this year increased by 9.9% year-on-year, and the overall operation of foreign trade was stable. Despite the constant trade friction between China and the United States, the sharp increase in exports to the United States and Europe led to a trade surplus for the third consecutive month in September. In September, China’s trade surplus with the United States reached a new record, expanding to $34.1 billion. As one of the exhibitors, MOLI Intelligent Technology continued to give full play to its product advantages at the 124th Canton Fair and won numerous customers from all over the world.

2.New smart lock new appearance, eye-catching

The relevant person in charge said that the foreign trade business of MOLI was not affected by the trade war, and the export performance in July-September was even higher than in previous years. According to the grand occasion of the exhibition, under the policy of “One Belt, One Road”, there are more and more business opportunities for international trade and cooperation, and the world has confidence in “Made in China”. In recent years, MOLI has vigorously explored the national market along the “Belt and Road”. “The A8, K501 and L601 series products we brought this time are tailored to the consumption needs of these countries. The appearance is simple, the front-end intelligent technology is integrated, the operation is simple, and the local market is opened at a high cost.”

3. MOLI new products are sought after by overseas customers


The new smart locks brought by MOLI have received much attention. The crowds on the booths reflect the enthusiasm and expectations of overseas buyers for MOLI products. The new exhibits brought by MOLI at this exhibition, the simple and neat appearance, hidden frontier technology, fingerprint lock with smart chip, have independent learning ability, the more the number of recognition, the faster and more precise the unlocking speed. In addition, the new product with Bluetooth unlock, WiFi unlock function, has become a highlight, attracting many customers from India, Mexico, the United States, Southeast Asia and other places to compete for consultation.

At the exhibition, MOLI received customer enquiries and negotiations. The person in charge said that even if the trade war is in full swing, MOLI is confident in its export business with its excellent product quality and reputation. MOLI will implement the multilateral trade proposition, strive for cooperation, and make unremitting efforts to build the international brand image of MOLI Smart Lock!

Buying Tips of Selecting the Fingerprint Door Lock

The Technology of Identification should be Placed Most Importance

In the past, only some luxurious places would use the fingerprint door lock, and it was not so commonly used. Nowadays, when technology has been rapidly developed in our society, people pay more and more attention to home safety. With the uncomparable characteristic for security, fingerprint door locks are warmly welcomed by customers.


People may be confused when selecting the right fingerprint door lock. Here is some advice that may help.


  • Materials

The materials of fingerprint door locks have three main kinds. They’re the plastic, zinc alloy, and stainless steel. Durability, the function of fireproof and explosion proof are often considered by buyers. The plastic one is worse at these properties than the other two types.


They look much alike because they adopt the technology of electroplating, making smart home locks resemble those ones made by metals. Though they have a similar outlook, you can still judge their original materials by colors. The surface of the plastic fingerprint door lock is smooth and glossy with luster. While the finish of the zinc alloy fingerprint door lock is a bit rough and matt. Like Molilock’s newly launched A8, which is the fingerprint door lock. It’s made by zinc alloy.


If it is the stainless steel one, its surface is most rough with the least gloss.


The other method is to knock its side by your finger. If it sounds not crisp, it’s probably made of plastics. And it may be the stainless steel fingerprint door lock if it sounds so sharp. And the sound of the zinc alloy fingerprint door lock is a bit crisper than that of the plastic one and is less sharp than that of the stainless steel one.


  • Functions

What you have to take into account are the speed to react and the sensitivity when identifying the fingerprint, password or the magnetic card.


Here is a way to test the reaction and sensitivity of the fingerprint door lock.


First of all, you can ask the clerk to help you enter the fingerprint, then you ought to observe if it’s hard to enter the fingerprint for the first time. If it takes a lot of time to do it, you can know the lock has a low identification.


After entering the fingerprint, you could test these functions at random. If it can identify your fingerprint instantly, that means it has high speed to react and vice versa. For example, A8 of Molilock is easy to recognize the fingerprint for it adopts the top security identification technology and is also equipped with a FPC semiconductor fingerprint sensor from Sweden.


Additionally, you have to test its ability to distinguish the real or the fake fingerprint. And you had better try it for a few times before making the buying decision. 


In the market, there are many fingerprint door locks with other modes for unlocking; for example, using the magnetic card or the password. Molilock’s A8, which has three kinds of safe opening modes, could speak for that. You are able to use a similar method to take a test. You could respectively use the authorized magnetic card and the unauthorized one to try. In this way, you could know if it could react fast. The same method is for testing its function of identifying the password.


Aside from those functions mentioned above, there’re two more characteristics some of you may want. One is to add or delete the fingerprint records anytime you need, the other is to keep the record of opening. Molilock’s A8 is not only combined with a door viewer which can keep the records of unlocking, but also can be remotely monitored by an app.


  • The spare mechanical key

Similar to the aircraft and automobile, most of the fingerprint door lock also remains the part that can be under the artificial control in case it gets wrong. So it has a spare mechanical key. It’s essential to select a high- quality lock cylinder of it to prevent the burglary. What the buyer should pay attention to is the key amount. The more the key amount, the better. What’s more, what you choose is expected to be at least at Grade A.


  • Additional Services

On account of the high technology adopted, the fingerprint door lock is not the general merchandise. It requires some professionals to install or repair. Due to the fierce competition, many brands of smart door locks provide the complete after-sale service. Before purchasing, people are supposed to take this into account.


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Which Type of Smart Door Lock would you Choose?

To Select the Smart Home Door Lock Based on your Needs

With the rapid economic development and the frequent use of advanced technology, keyless smart door locks are increasingly used by people. So you may come across the situation that you and your neighbor arrive at the door at the same time and you’re bothered to take out the key while your neighbor doesn’t have to.


This kind of embarrassment caused by the traditional mechanical door lock indicates the advantages of the smart door lock. Compared with the traditional one, the digital door lock provides different ways for users, allowing them to open the door by entering the password, swiping the card or sweeping the fingerprint. In this case, people don’t have to worry if they leave their keys behind.


So how to choose the right digital door lock?


Actually, buying the smart door lock requires you to consider the things you need to consider when purchasing other technological products. For instance, if you are about to buy the smart phone, You might choose the simplest one with basic function. But sometimes if you need some unique features, you can hoose the newest model. Therefore, knowing your actual demand before making this decision is quite essential.

Then what are the factors you would take into account?Here’re some tips on selecting the right smart home door lock for you.


  • The way of identification

Nowadays there are three main types of methods for identification adopted in smart door locks.


The first one is password identification. In comparison with the conventional lock, the password door lock is much simpler for people to use. All you need to do is just entering several numbers without carrying any keys. For example, Molilock’s password door lock 116C98, which is equipped with the highly sensitive backlit digital password touch keypad, is striking the market. It strives to provide more convenience for its users. However, that’s not suitable for you if you’re not good at memorizing numbers.

The second type is smart card identification. Better than the mechanical door lock, the smart card door lock requires a light card that takes up little space. And it’s also suitable for those who don’t like memorizing numbers. In the market, the smart card door lock FM01A-22 of Sinovo features the low power consumption. But there is the risk of losing the card.


The last type is fingerprint identification. Based on the fact that there’re no identical fingerprints in this world, the security of the fingerprint door lock would be relatively higher than the two types mentioned above. With the fingerprint door lock, you don’t even need to carry a smart card. 


Molilock’s fingerprint door lock 157C138 could speak for that. It’s made up with stainless steel and adopts the military grade microcomputer chip.


Aside from that, it’s of superior quality with the water-proof and moisture-proof function. And one of the sparkling points is that it has a power system for an emergency because DC9V is used for powering up when the battery runs out.

What makes it stand out is its function served for security. It just takes 0.5s to unlock by using the technology of fingerprint sliding. Besides the fingerprint technology adopted, it also has other modes such as the code, card and the mechanical key for opening. One distinctive feature is that its code can be kept more safely for it has the anti-peep function, which means before entering the correct codes the user can enter the messy codes first. This can avoid being peeped at.


  • Safety Standard

Most of the smart door locks comply with the grade specification of ANSI. Grade 1 means excellent, grade 2 good and grade 3 average. It’s suggested that you should buy the excellent or good one to ensure your home safety. Additionally, you are expected to see if it has the anti-hacker function.


  • Smart home compatibility

If you want to have control over your intelligent door lock, you ought to choose the one which is compatible with your phone. Through the app on the cell phone, you are able to monitor the status of the smart door lock. Some are even connected to the home security system, which is suitable for you if there is a security system for your house.


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